I am a consulting engineer, physicist, inventor, machinist, and historian: a professional who wears as many hats as it takes to create clever solutions to mechanical challenges. Engineering is by definition an applied science, which I practice by combining the best of both traditional and modern techniques.



My knowledge of mechanics, materials, manufacturing, and human factors make me a skilled designer. I have designed aircraft structure,  audio loud speakers, 3D printers, machine tools, electronic circuits, and more over my career.

Portfolio of past projects available upon request.


As a structural analyst with experience in aerospace structure, subsea heavy equipment, thermal and acoustical modeling, and vibrations research, I am well-equipped to assess and solve a wide range of structural problems. 

I know, for example, when it is appropriate to use Finite Element Analysis and when a simple manual analysis is sufficient. Or that, while it is easy to create an FEA model that appears to be "good enough," creating one that produces accurate results requires real skill, attention to detail, and patience.

Product Development

Product development combines all my skills, as I can design, analyze, build, and test, and iterate the design. 

My thorough understanding of the entire process, from start to finish, allows for rapid adjustments, consistent vision, and clear communication.  I can balance the needs of aesthetic design with structural analysis, producibility, cost, tolerance, and whatever other parameters you require.


Physical prototyping is an invaluable tool in the product development process. While a computer model or analysis may look real, true validation requires correlation to physical testing whenever possible. For this reason, and the wish to control the process, I have built and assembled my own machine shop and developed its capabilities to suit the prototyping process from beginning to end.

When I develop machines or produce parts, I draw upon 20+ years of experience with machining and other mechanical and industrial processes.

Consulting Engineering

With 16 years of experience in a  range of industries, I bring my skills to bear on engineering problems in aerospace, offshore, robotics, consumer products, and any other context where demanding requirements, harsh environments, or other challenges require specialized analysis.


Born and raised in Seattle, Washington (USA), educated at Whitman College (B.A. Physics) and Oregon State University (M.S. Mechanical Engineering), employed by multi-national companies like Boeing Commercial Airplanes, and Aker Solutions. I now run my own consulting and product development company. I specialize in challenging mechanical or engineering problems, and enjoy creating prototypes tailored precisely to your specifications: contact me with what you have in mind and we can discuss further!